The Creators

Anna Teeples is an artist and interior designer in Palo Alto, California. Her studies of architecture, feng shui, green design and personal development in combination with her work in fine arts led her to a larger understanding of human energy and interconnectedness. With this new-found passion, Anna left a successful high tech computer career to pursue a more simple, value-centered life based on these principles. Anna is available for speaking engagements regarding the One Word for Life project and other related topics.

Anne Heffron teaches writing at San Jose State University and is currently writing a novel about dating and deep-sea fishing as well as a screenplay about love gone wrong with her writing partner, Antonia Bogdanovich. Anne is available as a private writing coach and editor.

Arturo Samayoa is a co-founder and creative director of Nimbus Design, Arturo has worked his entire career at the intersection of art and technology. In addition to providing creative direction for every Nimbus project, he has led the firm’s expansion into bilingual, government, and international markets. Arturo holds a B.S. in graphic design from San Jose State University, where he has lectured, helping develop the next generation of graphic and new media designers.

Francine Bellet is an attorney with a successful career representing high technology companies.  Francine became an attorney (1) because she couldn´t make a living as a Renaissance woman, which she is; and (2) to protect First Amendment rights.


Creative brainstorming occurred at Pamplemousse, Redwood City, CA


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